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Make your company fit for the future and become a visible pioneer in climate protection! With CO2-Positiv you compensate for the CO₂ emissions of your website traffic and a little more – this will not only make your website climate neutral, but also CO₂-positive. All of this can be checked online and transparently at any time using a certificate validation. In this way, your company actively helps to shape our future and becomes a climate protection pioneer! Create the digital ecological added value of modern sustainable economy for the visitors of your website. Show your customers a clear signal against global warming with the CO2-positive logo.

Many website hosters already operate their servers with green electricity and thus achieve a better climate balance. However, this does not make them CO₂-neutral: Green electricity also causes some climate-damaging emissions, but another significant factor is the traffic on your website, which consumes electricity at many network nodes on the way to the user. Our compensation includes all of this and is calculated so generously that even under unfavorable circumstances it is slightly overcompensated.

The CO₂ compensation in our projects takes place through the cultivation of hemp. Hemp is able to bind up to 40 tons of CO₂ per hectare of cultivation area with the optimal choice of varieties. We use European certified organic industrial hemp according to our own mixture, in each case optimized for the cultivation area. 90% of the cultivation areas of our partners are in the Ukraine, Canada and South Africa and are grown absolutely organically, i.e. without fertilizers and pesticides.

Consumers are placing increasing value on real sustainability and are also demanding that companies act in an environmentally conscious manner. With the acquisition of this CO₂ certificate as consumer compensation, you help to create regional economic cycles, make biological building materials available, raise people’s standard of living and support biodiversity and land renaturation. With our certificate, your company not only actively communicates its sense of responsibility to the outside world, but is now acting to stop climate change!

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Make your website carbon positive by overcompensating for the carbon emissions of hosting and traffic with hemp cultivation.

Your voluntary compensation is automatically renewed annually as a subscription.
You can cancel up to 1 month before the end of the term.

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