Our values and the basic idea

The project CO2 Positiv was founded with the awareness of the transformation to a sustainable economy. That is why our core competencies lie in advising our business partners on saving resources and implementing sustainable business processes, because nothing is as climate-friendly as avoiding CO₂ itself.

We all leave a carbon footprint. A resident of Germany emits around ten tons of CO₂ every year. According to Greenpeace, an acceptable average value per inhabitant of the world would be around two tons per year. More and more people are becoming aware of this and are making a contribution to “climate protection”.

The public sector and most municipalities worldwide have committed themselves to a strong climate target. CO2 Positiv offers companies and municipalities the opportunity to participate in climate protection through offsetting.

Your climate partner

We offer climate advice tailored to the needs of our customers. CO2 Positiv specializes in arranging compensation options.

From a global perspective, it is not decisive for our climate where greenhouse gases are caused or reduced. Emissions that are emitted in one place can therefore be offset by savings in any other, even distant place.

Behind the start-up CO2 Positiv, founded in 2021, stands, in addition to the geographer Thibaud Stenger, a network of numerous partners and networks. Sustainability and humanity are firmly rooted values throughout the company.

CO₂ compensation through hemp cultivation

Hemp is able to bind up to 40 tons of CO₂ per hectare of cultivation area with the optimal choice of varieties. We only use European certified organic industrial hemp from our own blend called Eurosys 40.

The cultivation areas of our partner companies are in the Ukraine, Canada and South Africa. The hemp is grown purely organically by our cooperation partners without fertilizers and pesticides. Hemp is a generally undemanding plant and grows on almost any soil. It is also resistant to pests and fungal attack. The hemp plant is a perfect catch crop. Their roots loosen up compacted soils. It is even able to remove toxins, chemicals and sometimes heavy metals from the soil. The substrate is upgraded and hemp leaves an optimized arable soil for subsequent plants.

The hemp plant can be fully utilized. Hemp fibers are very resistant and are among the most stable natural fibers in the world and can therefore be used in many areas.