CO₂ bonds 1t

In the case of CO2-positive, compensation takes place via CO₂ bonds, with which the same amount of emissions is offset in our climate protection projects. The CO₂ compensation in our projects takes place through the cultivation of hemp. Hemp is able to bind up to 40 tons of CO₂ per hectare of cultivation area with the optimal choice of varieties. We only use European certified organic industrial hemp from our own blend called Eurosys 40. The cultivation areas of our partner companies are in the Ukraine, Canada and South Africa. The hemp is grown purely organically by our cooperation partners without fertilizers and pesticides.

With the acquisition of this voluntary CO₂ certificate as consumer compensation, you help to create regional economic cycles, make biological building materials available, raise people’s standard of living and promote biodiversity.


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(Minimum quantity: 1 bond for 1 t = 1000 kg CO₂)

Product contains: 1000 kg

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